CESBA MED Training Courses

The CESBA MED project tested 10 case studies from all over Europe. A common sustainability assessment framework at urban and building scale was selected after the testing phase to support the development of energy efficiency plans for public buildings in the context of their surrounding neighbourhood.

Improving stakeholders skills by offering targeted training courses is an essential component of CESBA MED strategic overview. Two courses are offered according to the identified target groups and the two scales, building and urban. All training material is available in English and in other 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Croatian).

CESBA MED e-Learning Platform Booklet


Choose the most suitable course for you

Course Number Course Description Course Focus
1. Course for decision-makers Building and urban scale
2. Course for technical coordinators Building and urban scale

Course 1

If you are a decision-maker (policy maker, investor, developer, etc.) and you want to learn more about CESBA MED methodology and tools and decision making process,
this is your course Building & Urban Scale


Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
The CESBA MED Generic Framework concept and the multicriteria assessment methodology The decision-making process Case studies analysis (integration of building and urban scales): focus on decision making

Course 2

If you are a technical coordinator and you want to learn more about CESBA MED methodology and tools and assessment criteria at building scale,
this is your course Building and Urban Scale

Regional Courses